My parents visted the house today. They had previously visited it when just the foundation was in place, so this was their first time in the house. Much progress has been made since the previous pictures on Monday. The porch columns have been added, the interior has been painted, the siding has been completed, and the cabinet work is in progress.


The kitchen cabinets are a light oak. Viewed on a PC monitor with a gamma of 2.2, they will probably look darker and redder than they look in person.


A cabinet for CDs, DVDs, and tapes has been added to the left of the fireplace. Shelves will be added above the cabinet. Shelves will also be above the TV in the area on the right.


This dining room picture shows the white crown molding, the baseboard, and the chair rail in contrast to the main wall color. You can perhaps also see that there is a good view into the neighbor's bath tub.


The porch railing is now being added.


Three windows look out from the front bedroom. The window on the left still has the wrong bottom pane. The clear glass on the bottom is supposed to be more in the arts-and-crafts bungalow style that inspired the lines of the front exterior design of the house.


The view out the front door toward the front steps

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