With a house number, I guess that makes it real. They've even started locking the doors at night. Even so, the stove and microwave got stolen before they were installed. New ones are on order. "That's why we have insurance," Jeff (the builder) said. The house color is called "Morning Moon" by Duron. Funny name, but a nice color, I think.


This picture was taken near sunset. I tried correcting the colors a bit. As you can see, they are ready to pour the concrete for the drive and the walks. It is time for me to pick out the group of plants that will go in front of the porch. You can see how much lawn that leaves in the front. I'm told that the soon-to-be-purple house on the right is being bought by a really nice looking young pharmacist. She has already noticed that my dining room window looks right down into her bath tub.


The island is bar-height on the family room side, and work-height on the kitchen side. There are cabinets, a phone jack, and electrical outlets on that side. The triangular opening you see on the island is for the wiring of the left-rear surround speaker. The globe on the bar is for the light in the breakfast area (out of view to the left.) The pantry shelves are in place. The archway on the right leads to the foyer. The doorway on the far right leads to the laundry room and the exit to the garage.


Once the microwave and stove are installed, perhaps the diamond pattern of the backsplash tile will be less overwhelming. The dishwasher and sink are there. Space for a fridge is on the left. The vinly floor is under the protective paper.


The wide cabinet beside the stove has a pull-out shelf. There is also one in the cabinet beside the fridge. My current parsonage has them all over the kitchen. They sure beat fumbling in the back of cabinets for pots and pans.


There are a couple of unique features I've had added to the house. The hole in the wall is between the laundry room (on this side) and the master closet, for passing through dirty clothes (and then some of the clean ones back). It will have a door on this side.


When Tom and Charlotte Peddicord toured the house back in October, Charlotte noted some space that would have just been wasted behind the sheet rock, so she suggested that I see about putting shelves in. The view is from the guest bathroom. The doorway to the left goes into the guest bedroom, and the archway on the right leads into the foyer. The shelves will be small, but big enough for extra towels and such for guests.

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