The driveway and walks have been poured. It is time for me to pick out the landscaping package for the massive front yard. I get one small tree, two tall evergreen shrubs, one deciduous shrub, and six small shrubs--either dwarf abelia or some kind of holly. I'm thinking about a crepe myrtle for the tree, red or something on the purple side of red. Jeff suggested that I might want to consider a flowering plum as another option.


The garage doors have been installed. There will be an opener installed on the near door. The other side of the garage will mostly be for storage and maybe a work area, so I didn't see any point in putting a door opener on that side. That can always be added later if I buy a second vehicle.


There is not likely to be any work done during the week of Christmas. I'll take my parents over to tour the house, but there probably won't be any changes worth photographing. The next installment in this exciting saga may have to wait for 2004.


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