Rocky Mountaineer

Banff to Kamloops, July 28, 2010

So now it was time to resume the train trip. By now I knew the drill. This train was fuller. I think I started with the second breakfast. It was still five o'clock somewhere.

I went down to the lower level open vestibule for a lot of the morning. I could see and take pictures without looking through windows. Somehow miraculously I was not beheaded while going into a tunnel.

The guides on this leg of the journey were OK, but I didn't think as good as on the trip east. And they didn't talk as much. Maybe there was less to talk about. Of particular interest west of Banff are the spiral tunnels that are used to cross the highest elevations. I didn't manage to get a picture that would show off how they work, but this page shows pictures and a diagram.


My seat mate for the two days was from Brazil. We ate together at least a couple of times, and our waiter was also Brazilian. She ordered in Portuguese, and I didn't.


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