Northwestern Oklahoma

October 5, 2015

On Monday we headed out north from Weatherford to territory of oil wells and wind farms. On Saturday we had seen wind farms that stretched across the horizon, but none from this close up. The wind does come sweeping down the plains. I waved at some wheat, but they didn't wave back. They were just short green shoots at that stage. We visited his wife Joyce's home town and the family grave site. We went on north to the Alabaster Caverns State Park. Unfortunately the last tour of the day had already departed when we got there, but they let us hang around. I got a photo of the cave entrance.

It turned out that we were near the town of Freedom, which still looks like a frontier town. There are supposedly almost 300 residents, but we saw just one. We parked by the hardware store, and while we were there the owner drove by and checked to see if we needed him to reopen the store for anything.

Then we had time to visit Boiling Springs State Park. The video down this page lets you see and hear the spring bubble. On the way home to Weatherford, we ate at a Chinese buffet that is a favorite of Torrey's.

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