Ghost of Old Chambers Building

Davidson College

The ghost of Old Chambers Building

The main classroom and office building at Davidson College is Chambers Building, named for nineteenth-century benefactor Maxwell Chambers. It replaced the building that burned in 1921 which had also been the main college building, and had even included domitory rooms. “Tommy” Wilson (who later went by his middle name Woodrow) roomed there his freshman year.

New Chambers, as it is still called by really old people, was built just to the east of the site of the previous building. Sometimes in hot, dry weather the Ghost of Old Chambers rises up. This picture was taken on Friday, June 13, 2008, from a third-floor window on the west (front) side of the current building. The site of the four front columns can be seen in the picture out near the sidewalk and the outline of the foundation is in the foreground. Just to the left of the picture, the outlines of the walls of individual rooms were visible. The building outline also continues to the right of the picture.

You can see pictures of the ruins of Old Chambers at the school's library . You can see more pictures by clicking the buttons on that page.


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